Fab Automation

eInnoSys has extensive experience in Fab Automation of varying size and kind – from 4 inch GaAs or other composite semi to 300 mm Silicon fabs. Our team members have helped small R&D type fabs with old equipment to most advanced 300mm high volume fabs.

Areas of Fab Automation Expertise:

  • Yield Improvement
  • Cycle Time & OEE Improvements
  • Systems to ease troubleshooting complex issues
  • APC – Advanced Process Control
  • FDC – Fault Detection & Classification
  • Cost Management
  • Productivity Improvements
  • Customized solutions

Our Fab Automation experts have automated well over 100 different make & models of equipment for recipe download using SECS/GEM.

Below is a partial list of equipment we have automated using SECS/GEM.

  • Steppers - Canon i5+, i5, i4 & i3 and ASML
  • Tracks - TEL Mark & Act VIII, Mark V, SVG, SVG, DNS 60 & 80 series
  • Etch - Plasma-Therm VLR & VLN, Matrix System One, Trymax Nano, SPEC wet bench, LAM, Tegal
  • Metrology - KLA Tencor alignment & CD-SEM metrology, IVS, Ultratech CGS-300
  • Thin films/Metal - Novellus Concept I, Balzers Evaporators
  • Liftoff - Solid State Equipment Corp
  • Platers - Semitool/Applied Materials Equinox
  • Others - Strausbaugh grinders

In addition to GEM Automation, our Fab Automation team also specializes in

  • Innovative ways to improve Yield, OEE, Cycle Time and reduce manufacturing cost
  • Solution is specific to your needs and fab environment
  • Automation (Recipe Download and/or Data Collection) of older equipment that are not SECS/GEM capable

eInnoSys also offers following out-of-the-box systems for Fabs:


  • EIGEM : SECS/GEM software for equipments and fabs  
  • Recipe Server/ Stepper Job Server : Manages recipes, including versions and audit trail of recipe changes across different equipment types 
  • Barcode Guardian : Prevents wrong pour of chemicals and manages chemical inventory in the fab  
  • Reticle Tracker : Manages reticle inventory across multiple locations and offers time and cost saving reports 
  • Manual Wetbench Automation : Prevents wrong wafer dips on manual wetbenches without expensive upgrade