Recipe Server

Recipe Server application can help fabs improve yield, engineering efficiencies, OEE and cycle time. eInnoSys has created recipe Server for several different types of tools - from stepper, to etch to metrology tools. At one of the fabs, eInnosys built a recipe Server for stepper jobs where recipe parameters were fetched from Cadence CAD system and stepper jobs were created and transferred to all steppers without any human intervention.

Benefits to customers

  • Prevents wafer mis-processing for wrong recipe versions
  • Saves many hours of engineering time creating and managing recipes
  • Improves OEE & cycle time

Examples of Toolsets for Recipe Server

  • Canon i5+, i5 and i4 steppers
  • Matrix System One dry etch
  • SPEC wet bench
  • IVS overlay metrology
  • Ultratech CGS-300 wafer topography & stress measurement
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