Yield Improvement

Yield Improvement (Station Controllers/ Recipe Download/ Host Application)


eInnoSys team has over 40 years of experience designing and managing CIM systems for world class semiconductor fabs and other manufacturing plants. We have automated semiconductor fabs with legacy tools with no automation capability to the ones with most advanced 300mm tools.

eInnoSys Advantage

  • Thorough understanding of semiconductor fab environment as well as other manufacturing plants and their challenges
  • Specialized in automating old tools that are not SECS/GEM capable
  • Experienced on many different MES & ERP systems
  • Expertise in SECS, GEM, EDA (Interface A), Modbus and OPC standards
  • Expertise working with many different generation of equipments - from old tools running on Motorola Z80 or HP1000 processors to most advanced multi-controller tools
  • Expertise with SCADA, HMI, Historian development and integration

Examples of tools automated

  • Steppers - Canon i5+, i5, i4 & i3 and ASML
  • Tracks - TEL Mark & Act VIII, SVG, DNS 60 & 80 series, SVG
  • Etch - Plasma-Therm VLR & VLN, Matrix System One, Trymax Nano, SPEC wet bench, LAM, Tegal
  • Metrology - KLA Tencor alignment & CD-SEM metrology, IVS, Ultratech CGS-300
  • Thin films/Metal - Novellus Concept I, Balzers Evaporators
  • Liftoff - Solid State Equipment Corp
  • Platers - Semitool/Applied Materials Equinox
  • Others - Strausbaugh grinders
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