Einnosys Logo – SECS / GEM solution and other software for semiconductor equipment and Fabs

Equipment Software & Integration Experts for Semiconductor, PV(Solar), FPD & LED industries

SECS/GEM Implementation

Controller Software

Robot, SMIF, etc Integration

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FAB Automation Experts

Improve Yield, Cycle Time & Throughput

Reduce Manufacturing Cost

Improve Engineering Efficiency

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Pioneer in Automation on Mobile Platform – Android, iOS & Windows

Mobile Monitor

Barcode Guardian

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"eInnoSys provides professional software service that is very customer focussed and which you can count on"

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New to SECS/GEM? Learn about SECS/GEM – SEMI Standards E30, E5, E37 & E4

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SECS/GEM software


Recipe Server


eInnoSys, Inc is a global leader in Factory Automation and Equipment Software for the Semiconductor, Photovoltaic (Solar), Flat Panel Display and LED industries. We are committed to innovative systems, unsurpassed quality and highest standards of ethics and transparency.
eInnoSys is one of the handful companies in the world to have successfully implemented real-time, process-control application on Android.


Equipment Software & Integration


Controller Software

Robot, SMIF/FOUP, etc. Integration

Fab Automation

Improve Yield, OEE & Cycle Time

Reduce manufacturing cost

Increase Mfg& Engineering Efficiency

Advanced Process Control

Automation on Mobile Devices

Equipment Controller Software in Android

Mobile Monitor for critical equipment parameters

Barcode Guardian for Chemical Management

Reticle Manager for Reticle Management

Manual Wetbench Automation for preventing wafer scrap

What is Plan - B Service

For those OEMs and Fabs that have software staff

Use our service as backup

Our team can augment your staff as needed

Software Products

Barcode Guardian for Chemical Management

Reticle Manager for Reticle Management

Manual Wetbench Automation for preventing wafer scrap



Over 40 years of combined semiconductor and related industry experience

Quality work at the level of established multi-national companies at the price of less than hiring employees or contractors

Ability to grow and shrink your software team size at will

Onshore, offshore, nearshore and hybrid models to choose from

Expertise on both sides of automation - Fabs as well as OEMs allows us to offer advantages for both

Innovation in automation – Checkout our staff's publications

Lets you control how much you want to manage your software automation projects

What ourclients are saying
  • Chrysanthemum
    With the detailed project plan and weekly updates we know exactly where this project stands, and project goals and deliverables are met on time. eInnosys provides a professional software service that is very customer focused and which you can count on.
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  • Chrysanthemum
    Not only is the code top quality, the team displays a real understanding of our issues and comes to the table with suggestions and ideas that are very impressive. They never "just accept" what we tell them.
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  • Chrysanthemum
    The results were exactly what we wanted and the speed and quality of the work done by eInnoSys was very impressive. eInnoSys has provided us with the high quality of professional software development that we can count on. We plan to work with them for years to come and would highly recommend eInnoSys Inc.
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Fab Automation Services

Specialized solutions to improve Yield, Cycle-Time and OEE

Station Controllers for automated recipe download and efficiency

Advanced Process Control (APC), Fault Detection & Classification (FDC), SPC and customized data collection and analysis

Expertise in cost savings solutions through automation

Innovative solutions for improving Engineering efficiency

Equipment Software Services

Entire spectrum of equipment software expertise - Equipment controller, Sub-tool (like SMIF/FOUP, Robot controller, etc) integration, SECS/GEM implementation, Recipe Builder, Data Analysis software, etc

Expertise on GEM 300 and Interface A (EDA)

Expertise on multiple platforms - Cimetrix, GW (PeerGroup), Wonderware, NI LabView and custom